Effective and transparent city government

I am passionate about promoting community engagement in government and will work hard to allow all voices in our community to feel heard and understood. I have years of experience building bridges within our community and I am committed to helping reach fair and consensus-driven decisions.

We can all play a role in improving our city by staying informed, and by being active and engaged with our city’s elected officials. But we need a city government that encourages participation and operates openly and transparently.

Top priorities:

  • Improve transparency in city government and provide opportunities for residents to participate in our government and the important decisions facing our community.
  • Ensure fair and open hiring and appointment practices for all positions within the city of Rochester.

Safe, inclusive neighborhoods with affordable housing

We must ensure that everyone in our community has access to safe and vibrant neighborhoods with affordable and workforce housing options.

Top priorities:

Economic diversity and resiliency

Rochester is the hub of Southeastern Minnesota due to our large business community, workforce and cultural offerings. Our community is currently centered around the health and service industries. But to preserve our economic stability into the future, we must have a diverse economy driven by a variety of businesses and a well-trained workforce.

Top priorities:

  • Cultivate business relationships and opportunities needed to achieve economic diversity and resiliency.
  • Support strong schools and higher education institutions with appropriate partnerships that provide the future workforce we need.
  • Monitor the effects of growth on local area businesses, especially those in the downtown area affected by the DMC development.

A smart, efficient and sustainable community

During this time of renewal and growth in Rochester, we must create a comprehensive city plan that serves us now and into the future. Cities that are thoughtfully designed can be exciting and comfortable places for people to live, work and visit. I learned a lot about best practices for sustainable city design and energy policy solutions while conducting my Bush Fellowship research, and I am well prepared to help Rochester move forward in these areas.

Top priorities:

  • Provide transit choices and city design that accommodate buses and other mass transit options, cars, bicycles and pedestrians to increase convenience, and reduce traffic and pollution.
  • Create and support sustainable road and building construction practices to help us conserve resources, reduce energy costs, increase convenience and create a healthy environment.
  • Develop four-season recreation options and green spaces throughout our city that can be enjoyed by all.


Destination Medical Center (DMC)
This ambitious economic development and improvement plan for our city is a phenomenal opportunity to upgrade Rochester’s physical, economic and cultural environment for all who live, work and visit here. As a state legislator for Rochester when the DMC initiative was first introduced, I worked diligently to ensure that local officials had the ultimate say in what happens in our community. That experience gave me a deep understanding of how critical this project is for our city and how to access the resources we need to get it done.

Top priorities:

  • Ensure that the DMC project works for and benefits the people who live in this community.
  • Increase and improve community spaces, address affordable/workforce housing needs, and recognize a historic district to preserve our city’s heritage and charm.
  • Incorporate sustainable construction practices, including cost-effective, energy-efficient building designs, and an urban environment design that is livable, healthy and safe.