Dear Friends,

Time flies! It’s been nearly four years since Rochester voters selected me to be Rochester’s mayor – the first woman to manage our growing and vibrant city. I am so appreciative and honored for this opportunity!

I remain fully committed to finding sensible and compassionate solutions to the challenges our community faces. I believe my experience serving as mayor, and from previous elected offices, makes me the best choice to lead as we plan for our city’s future. 

During my first term I worked with the council and led staff to respond to the needs of the people in our community. I am proud of our work, and I will continue to prioritize:
  • Promoting workforce and economic development:  We are making great progress in helping Rochester businesses and community members recover from covid with economic stability, while focusing on diversity and equity. I led a team that helped Rochester win the prestigious Bloomberg Global Mayor Challenge. The $1M grant – awarded to only 15 cities worldwide, only three in the United States – will provide BIPOC women with access to specialized training required for high-demand jobs in construction and in other built-environment-related fields. 

  • Improved, equitable governmental processes:  The city added several new council members and new staff the past few years. Building relationships and facilitating smooth transitions ensures that Rochester continues to operate efficiently. In addition to recording and close captioning city council meetings, we require video recordings of all board and commission meetings. We strive for diverse representation on those boards and commissions that reflect our community – and we measured it! We prioritized hiring a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Director and have sought to train and diversity our staff.

  • Addressing affordable housing and homelessness:  In 2020, Rochester launched both night-time shelters and daytime programming for homeless individuals. Our work with the county has led to a partnership that includes developing a comprehensive approach to sheltering area homeless and a signed joint commitment to find or build supportive housing. With my support, the city council continues to add affordable housing units across Rochester.

  • Ensuring a more environmentally sustainable and resilient city:   We created a community taskforce that developed a city-wide sustainability and resiliency plan. We have also transitioned to LED streetlights citywide; benchmarked over 100 buildings; added two new electric buses; focused on improved transit options that include street improvements targeting safe, active transportation; and committed to 100% renewable energy in 2030 – to highlight just a few accomplishments.

  • Protecting our community during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond:  COVID-19 presented perhaps the most difficult challenge Rochester has seen in decades. I worked closely with healthcare experts and elected officials from our city, our region and our nation to follow evidence-based guidelines to keep our community and visitors informed and safe. As this pandemic evolves, and resolves, I will help the city remain prepared to respond to new challenges that arise.
I’m proud of what we have accomplished as a community and the goals we are setting for the future even during these difficult times. Although politics has become meaner and more divisive, I will continue to lead with civility, respect others’ views, involve the community and seek consensus when possible.
The reality is that election campaigns, including non-partisan campaigns like mine, cost money. I can’t do this without you.
Please donate, as you are able, to my re-election campaign. I want what’s best for Rochester, and I know you do, too.
Thank you in advance for your continued support,