As you may know, I have spent the two years since my retirement from the Minnesota Legislature as a Bush Fellow.  The Fellowship allowed me to completely step away from partisan politics and concentrate on gaining new academic and additional leadership skills. I did so by getting a graduate degree at University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs with a concentration in leadership and energy policy/research, as well as attending the Women and Power program at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.  I augmented this with experiential learning through international and national travel looking into sustainable urban design and development. I completed my Fellowship on February 28th and I am ready to use what I’ve learned to assist our community during this exciting time of change and growth.

I believe we need to continue to grow a strong economy so we all have the opportunity to succeed. We need to use sustainable community designs and construction models that position us as a leading city of the future. We must provide a high standard of living with art, culture and entertainment options that meet the wide variety of needs of our diverse citizenry. And, we must make certain that our growth and change meets the needs for those of us who live in Rochester – not only focused on those that visit here. We must be a healthy community, not simply a community for health.

I commit to helping bridge the divides on our City Council. I will support finding ways to increase transparency by using reasonable and available options and will work with the City Council to help streamline and tighten up procedures.

These are just some of the issues I will focus on as Mayor. During this campaign I look forward to sharing more of my ideas with you.


The opportunity to run for Mayor was made available due to the recent announcement by Ardell Brede of his retirement after 16 years of dedicated service to our community. I want to thank him for his service and hope to continue his work making Rochester thrive!

This is a very exciting opportunity and one that I believe I am uniquely suited for. I love this city and would be honored for the opportunity to serve Rochester again, this time as your Mayor.

If you can, please make a small donation to help our campaign efforts. I would be honored to have your support today, over the coming months, and on election day in November!

Thank you,