Hello. My name is Kim Norton and I am running for re-election to the MN House of Representatives - District 25B.

As a 24 year resident of Rochester, I have worked and raised my 4 grown children in our community. I’ve been an active community volunteer, served on the Rochester school board including a term as board chair. I know my community.

I originally ran for office because I felt we deserved a legislator that listened to our concerns, asked us what we wanted and then represented those views with actions at the capitol. My work as an advocate for education and children’s health issues taught me first hand the difference between a legislator who is interested and open versus a partisan representative with his/her own agenda. I ran to change that and firmly believe I have.

It has been a privilege to serve on your behalf in the Legislature. I have sought to be a public servant rather than a politician –and I think this approach has benefited our community over the past six years.

I have developed a reputation as a political moderate with a strong work ethic who actively builds relationships with colleagues in both parties in order to pass good legislation.

I know my Midwest roots, my community, and my families values have shaped who I am – I want to protect the quality of life we have here in Minnesota so that future generations might also benefit from our lifestyle and values.

Moving ahead there is plenty of work to be done especially in the areas represented by my committee assignments in St. Paul:

  • In Education we must set good P - 16 education policy & prove appropriate funding so that property taxes aren’t increased to provide core K-12 services and so loans aren’t needed to gain skills necessary to work in todays job market. We must resist micromanagement and unfunded mandates and allow flexibility and local control so decisions are made more often locally and not top down. We should support highly-skilled teachers in order to produce students with the qualities necessary to succeed in the global marketplace.
  • In the Workforce, strong policy is needed that helps MN grow jobs and improve the jobs climate by lowering the corporate tax rate and removing exemptions so that the state’s bottom line is not affected. Putting Minnesotans to work may rest largely on the free market, but the state needs to clear the way of unnecessary roadblocks.
  • In Budgeting and Economics we must use a balanced approach to budgeting which addresses a long term solution, not just short term fixes and shifts as has been done for far too long. Protecting the middle class working folks in our state from the burden of higher property taxes.
  • Thank you for the honor of serving you and ask for your vote once again on November 4th.


Kim Norton

Assistant Minority Leader

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