It may be Halloween, but don’t let outside interest groups trick you!

    Dear Rochester Resident,

    The latest flyer proposed by a PAC from outside our area (and recent literature by my opponent) is truly scary, and it smacks of desperation. But don’t let this Halloween prank fool you!

    You know I am responsive to the Rochester community. You know I’ve been a longtime advocate and supporter of public education. You know I work in true bipartisan spirit. You know I am knowledgeable about what it takes to move the city forward. You know I’m business friendly and would not support legislation that would harm our area’s economy! In short, you know me better than any outside group!

    Many considerations draw businesses to an area. Our top-notch workforce, great schools and high quality of life are some of our biggest assets and why we have the 2nd highest number of Fortune 500 companies per capita in the country! I’ve worked to strengthen those areas during my 3 terms of office and supported other reforms that make MN more business friendly as well.

    Here are just a few of the highlights of my legislative record as it pertains to our business environment:

    Economic development and Taxes:

    • Charter Member of the Small Business Caucus
    • Voted to streamline regulatory practices and reduce mandates
    • Made health care coverage more affordable for small employers
    • Secured ongoing funding for the MN Partnership for Biotechnology and Medical Genomics at the U of M Rochester and Mayo Clinic
    • Authored and passed legislation requiring that proven and supported return-on-investment strategies be used in the Dept. of Economic Development
    • Proposed, passed and worked to continue the Lifetrack job skills training grant
    • Supported the Angel Investment Tax Credit to support investment in new businesses
    • Created 40,000 jobs through public improvement/capital investment efforts
    • Encouraged entrepreneurship and investments in high-tech industries
    • Authored a study on small business startups that helped streamline and improve services
    Property Tax Relief:
    • While in the majority I helped deliver $25 million in direct relief to homeowners based on their ability to pay and fought against shifting responsibility to local units of government
    • Provided an additional $60 million in Local Government Aid including:
    • $1.5 million for Rochester
    • $740,000 for Olmsted County
    • Voted AGAINST the irresponsible 2011 budget that shifted responsibility on to our schools and children.
    • Fought against cuts to the Renter’s Credit and against increasing property taxes
    • Supported fair taxation that protected working class and poor families
    • Established a 3.9 percent levy limit over the next three years

    I’m continuing to work for you and our communities, but I need your help to push back against these attacks. With just a few more days until the election we need to get everyone we can to the polls and let’s show these outside groups that Minnesotans are tired of these negative, baseless attack ads!

    Thank you for your continued support and vote on Nov. 6th!


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