Legislative Accomplishments


  • Delivered $850 million in new funding for Minnesota schools including:
    • $7.8 million for Rochester ISD #535
  • Held down tuition at state colleges and universities
  • Started a Teachers of Color pilot project for WSU/Rochester Schools and others
  • Health Care Reform

  • Increased access to health care and made coverage more affordable
  • Provided new incentives for preventative care
  • Streamlined billing processes to eliminate costly administrative waste
  • Increased funding for nursing homes
  • Public Health

  • Revised building standards for new homes to reduce radon exposure
  • Passed the "Freedom to Breathe Act" to protect workers from second-hand smoke
  • Implemented a statewide public health improvement plan to reduce obesity and tobacco use
  • Jobs and Economic Development

  • Made health care coverage more affordable for small employers
  • Secured ongoing funding for the MN Partnership for Biotechnology and Medical Genomics at the U of M Rochester and Mayo Clinic
  • Enhanced and continued the Lifetrack job skills training grant in Rochester
  • Created 40,000 jobs through public improvement/capital investment efforts
  • Encouraged entrepreneurship and investments in high-tech industries
  • Property Tax Relief

  • Delivered $25 million in direct relief to homeowners based on ability to pay
  • Provided an additional $60 million in Local Government Aid including:
    • $1.5 million for Rochester
    • $740,000 for Olmsted County
  • Established a 3.9 percent levy limit over the next three years
  • Transportation

  • Provided essential resources to maintain safe roads and bridges
  • Increased efficiency through new oversight and accountability measures
  • Enhanced safety measures for teen drivers
  • Outlawed text messaging and e-mailing while driving
  • Environment and Natural Resources

  • Improved flood mitigation, water treatment, and wetland restoration efforts
  • Enacted new protections against invasive species
  • Voters have the choice this November to dedicate a new portion of the sales tax (3/8 of one cent) to environment, parks, and cultural heritage
  • Energy Reform

  • Implemented a nation-leading renewable energy standard
  • Set the course for an 80 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050
  • Established a committee to study and make recommendations on cap and trade
  • Veterans

  • Ensured that overseas servicemembers, their families, and other Minnesotans serving abroad, have their votes counted in Minnesota elections
  • Improved services for active servicemembers and military veterans
  • Funded the construction of a new veteran's home in Minnesota
  • Made sure all eligible veterans have access to full GI benefits for higher education
  • Capital Improvements

  • Dedicated over 70 percent of this year's bonding bill to Minnesota's higher education institutions and economic development efforts
  • Provided planning funding for the Rochester Mayo Civic Center and the Rochester Community and Technical College/Workforce co-location
  • Delivered funding for a Southeastern Minnesota Regional Public Safety Training Center, dredging and restoration of Lake Zumbro, Chester Woods Trail, and HEAPR funding for Rochester Community and Technical College
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